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We will acquaint you with the basic concepts that are used when talking about design. We hope that with our help you learn a lot about myself to design and everything connected with it. At present, an increasing use of computers in the search for creative design solutions. The newest equipment in the hands of the designer provides a fundamentally new means of expression and imagery provides a great fidelity found shapes and colors.

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- The process used in the course of solving design problems of mental or fixed in various design languages ​​dismemberment of objects (products or events) to separate components in order to obtain the necessary information
 Socio-economic analysis - the study of social phenomena, economic and industrial matters affecting the operation of the facility in order to improve design.

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Functional analysis, research ways to use the product.
Value analysis - study of the structure and needs of the most efficient, cost, ways to meet them for different population groups (age or professional), for a variety of habitats (town, village), at different scales (bulk or individual forms of consumption) etc.

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Technological Analysis - study materials, and possible methods of manufacture.
Shape analysis - the study product structure and its analogs, the search options compositional, structural and plastic solutions.
This product (products), similar to that projected in functions, the principle of action, conditions of use. Comparison of a number of analogues, as a rule, is part of the pre-project analysis.

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Architectonics of industrial products.
This artistic interpretation and expressed in the form of its product base and constructive nature of the material. Revealed through the relationship and the relative positions carried by the bearing and parts, which makes visual static and dynamic loading design, as well as a rhythmic structure forms. Architectonics of industrial products

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- Important for the design concept which is relevant to understanding the industrial products as a single plastic body.